Student Proclaimed “Best Grandson Ever” By The Internet For This INCREDIBLE Good Deed!

A student at San Jacinto College in Texas uploaded a video of a special moment between himself and his grandparents. The young man is employed full-time also runs two non-profit organizations in his spare time.

He had been saving up for years to be able to do something for his grandparents. He wanted to pay off their house.

Writing a check for $15,000, he knew he was doing a good thing because he was keeping a promise. “I promised God in the second grade.” He promised to pay off their home and help them retire in order to repay them for everything that they had done for him.


What’s even more exciting? On top of the large check that would allow them to finally rest after working nights and weekends, he purchased two tickets to the Bahamas for them to go on a vacation!

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched…but are felt by the heart,” he wrote. And it’s true. If a stranger had given them the same amount of money, it wouldn’t have felt the same. It wouldn’t have meant as much. This young man will definitely go far in life with this kind and giving attitude towards life!

He was raised well, and his family can never doubt how much he loves them all!

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