Student Missed Class Because She Couldn’t Find A Babysitter. Her Professor Sent THIS.

Some professors have a narrow view on how they expect their students to behave during class. Some are more severe than others.

When Morgan King, a 21-year-old mom, needed to find someone to watch her 3-month-old daughter, she realized quickly that there was no way she could make it to class on time. All of her plans had fallen through. She emailed her professor and tried to explain what had happened, hoping that at the very least she would be able to turn in an assignment late, if not make up the quizzes at a later time. Many professors have a zero tolerance policy for late work, and King was worried about the consequences. But the professor from the University of Tennessee had a response so unexpected that it brought her student to tears. Doctor Hunter was shocked to find that her email had gone viral, and was saddened that it was a response from a professor that was so out of the ordinary.Doctor Hunter says that many other professors in her department would have offered to do the same thing, and that it felt like the natural reply to the student’s problem.

The fact that other professors have kicked students out of their classes for bringing children along shocked her, and she hopes that her letter (which she didn’t realize had gone quite so public) might inspire those professors to be a bit more open minded.

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