Struggling Man Gave Directions To A Pub, Got Plane Ticket To Sweden To Celebrate Christmas In Return!

Jimmy Fraser had recently turned 40 when he found himself homeless. Due to a family breakdown, he moved from London to Edinburgh and spent the next ten years on the streets. Three years ago, he was finally able to get help through a local program that gave him a place to stay, but he truly got the chance to get back onto his feet.

Until he met two sisters touring from Sweden.

Annis and Emma saw him sitting on some stairs one night and asked him for directions to a local pub. They ended up talking for several hours just getting to know each other. When the sisters went back by the area the next night, they saw that he was still begging outside. They exchanged numbers, but Jimmy thought that would be the end of it.

People tell you ‘See you tomorrow, I’ll get you a drink’ and then nothing happens but this did happen actually.”

Annis worked to get Jimmy a passport because she wanted him to celebrate Christmas with her family in Sweden.
She paid for his plane tickets and his passport fees, and Jimmy couldn’t believe what had just happened. He spent the holiday with Annis and her family, and they all got along so well that they invited him back for Easter.

Now, he is able to volunteer using his passport which is an acceptable form of identification and hopes that he’ll be able to move forward for a better life very soon.

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