Stray Tabby Struts Into Firehouse And Becomes Honorary Boss Cat

Station 57 Fire Department in New York wasn’t expecting to be taken over by a stray cat on one frigid day, but much to their surprise, it happened!

This tabby cat wandered into their firehouse while searching for a warm place to hide and keep out of the cold weather. The only problem was that she never left! She was shy in the beginning, but she quickly warmed up to the firefighters that gave her head scratches.

They couldn’t decide on a name for her…until one morning, she brought them a “gift.” The fire house had been home to a few pesky rodents, but upon making the station her temporary home, she cleared their rodent problem in no time. They nicknamed her “Killer,” but the name just stuck.Every day, she makes her rounds, accepting brushes and head scratches in exchange for happy purrs and cuddles! And if Killer decides that she likes your chair…you give up your chair!The happy tabby has a place to call home thanks to these firefighters, and the community is using her story to encourage other businesses to do the same. Adopting a stray cat doesn’t always means taking it into your homes. Many people can’t adopt animals due to the rules of their apartments or rented houses, but businesses might be able to get away with having an “office cat” without a problem!

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