Stray Puppy Weighs 80 Pounds Thanks To Junk Food Given By Tourists, Rescued And Given New Life

Bohlina was a stray puppy who found a home behind a gas station and began begging for food from locals and tourists who passed by. Unfortunately, the food that people gave to him was mostly junk food. Chips, bits of hot dogs, bread, and more led to Bohlina gaining 80 pounds. With no one to monitor his diet, he quickly became immobile, and the junk food began to take a more serious toll. Bohlina was unable to move more than a few steps and would need to stop and rest, breathing heavily between steps and giving up quickly on any form of exercise. His joints became inflamed and his muscles deteriorated. Thankfully, the local Animal Protection Organization spotted him and brought him to get help. They bathed him, put him on a controlled diet, and decided to ease him into light exercise.Volunteers reported the Bohlina was more excited about being able to exercise on the treadmill submerged in water than he was about meal times. His diet consisted mostly of protein to help him gain muscle and have the energy to move around, and in two weeks he was able to drop ten pounds!He still needs to lose about 15 more pounds to be back to a healthy weight, but he is already happier and healthier than ever! Once he has lost the weight, they plan to find a loving home for him to go to – and a better life than he has ever known!

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