Stray Dog Found Starving On The Streets…Now, He Eats Yummy Food Every Day!

When little Popeye was first discovered on the street, he was in bad shape. He hadn’t eaten properly in weeks, leaving him malnourished and weak. His fur was matted and he hadn’t known what it meant to be cared for. He was some sort of mix, but no one could quite place exactly what breed of dogs his parents might have been. They aren’t sure what reason led him to a life on the streets, but when his new humans saw his curious mug, they vowed to never let him go hungry again!On a whim, she decided to take her dog out with her to a pet-friendly restaurant. To her surprise, Popeye didn’t leap across the table to try and gobble up the food. Instead, he simply sat there and watched the people moving about. He seemed content just to be out of the house, and so, she brought him along any time she went for a bite!Usually, there are one or two things that are safe for him to eat. He poses in front of her meal and dresses smart, but if there isn’t anything good for pups to eat, he munches on the snacks that his human brings!They started an Instagram account for his cute little face, and people are in love with the foodie dog named Popeye!

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