Stray Dog Finds “Forever Home” After Waiting 6 Months In Front Of Hotel For Air Stewardess To Return.

Olivia Sievers first met the stray dog (she named him Rubio) in Buenos Aires over 6 months ago while on a walk early one morning. Olivia is an air stewardess and frequently stays at the same hotel. She played with the dog for a while, not scared of the large stray because he was so playful. She gave him a bit of dog food, but found that he wouldn’t leave her side. She tried to take a different route back to the hotel on different trips, but Rubio wasn’t fooled.8.10a2

From that very first day, every time the air stewardess returned to Buenos Aires, she found that Rubio was patiently waiting for her outside of the hotel. She realized that the dog wasn’t going to give up, so she arranged for him to be re-homed. He escaped his new family to wait once again outside of the hotel.

Olivia was touched by the persistent dog and decided to file the necessary paperwork to bring Rubio back home with her to Germany. He needed to be kept in a doggy quarantine while his paperwork was straightened out, and Olivia made sure that he was treated well.

Rubio gained a large following on social media, and Olivia regularly posts pictures of the dog on his many adventures.8.10a3The story has a happy ending! Rubio’s persistence pulled at the heartstrings of people all around the globe, inspiring others to take in strays that need a loving home!

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