Stray Cat Wanders Into Nursing Home And No One Wants To Throw Her Out

Oreo the cat wandered into Saint Augustine Health Ministries in Cleveland, Ohio, and never actually left.

The cat has a loving and cuddly personality which resonated well with the residents and the staff – in fact, they all love her so much, many of the employees carry around a picture of her sweet face to cheer them up!

She’s like the family here. She helps the residents, she helps the employees, and we just love her.” The receptionist, Carmen Delgado, said about Oreo.

Most of the residents treat her like their own pet as many of them owned cats as children or at different stages of their lives. With Oreo nearby, they can come out of their rooms and play with the cat! It let’s them forget about their stress to play and laugh with the cat! It brings them comfort, and Oreo reminds them of their own homes before moving to the nursing facility.

Giving older residents a way to engage with animals has always shown a huge increase in overall happiness, and having Oreo around as a full-time “employee” really helps everyone to find joy in their everyday lives! Need a quick break? Go cuddle with Oreo! Having a rough day? Rub Oreo’s little ears! It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved…and the best part is? Oreo has a new forever home…and all the rubs she could ever want!

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