Stray Cat Visits Him Every Day But Suddenly Disappears For A Month. She Returns With A Surprise!

This stray cat was well known around the neighborhood, and when Cameron moved into his new place, the stray decided to introduce herself. They instantly bonded, and every day, Cameron came to expect a visit from the neighborhood cat. He left food and water out for her, and any time she came to say ‘hello,’ he would spend a few minutes bonding with her.

But one day, the cat didn’t come to visit. Her food laid out, uneaten, and day after day, she didn’t return. A month passed, and then a few days more. Cameron feared the worst. But one day as he was sitting outside, he saw her familiar spotted coat round the corner…and she wasn’t alone! She was accompanied by a very small kitten that sported that same calico coat! Cameron hadn’t even known that she was pregnant!

He had never owned a cat before and admits that he wouldn’t have recognized the signs even if he had been looking for them. He decided to try and care for both of them.
While the mother cat didn’t want to step foot inside of his apartment, he made sure that there was always food, water, and a cozy place for them to snuggle up in at night.

Eventually, he noticed that the stray mother cat began to distance herself from her kitten and realized that it was time for the kitten to find its own forever home. He reached out to others in his apartment complex and found a family that was willing to take care of the kitten.

He plans to have the stray spayed soon, and hopes that she will one day stick around for good!

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