Strangers Got Together To Pay Respects To A Baby Found Near A Riverbank By Police. Grab Tissues…

An unknown baby washed up in the River Taff in Wales. The baby, named Sion by the police that found him. No babies fitting his description were reported missing, and there was no family to contact as a result. He was going to be buried without a service, without a headstone, and without anyone to say goodbye or respect his short life.6.29a1

But word of the unknown baby spread, and by the time it was time to bury his small body, 60 people had become involved. They raised¬†¬£1,500 for a headstone and a spot in the children’s section of Thornhill Cemetery. A bright white coffin reflected his innocence, and bubbles were blown throughout the ceremony – he probably would have loved them.

Mourners brought stuffed teddies, bright flowers, and pinwheels decorated his plot as these strangers stood by and sent their best wishes for his tiny soul’s passing. The respectful crowd held Forget-Me-Not bears that represent the stillbirth and neonatal death charity that pitched in.6.29a2

It was cold and rainy outside, and that made it more important for these people to attend. The little baby was being buried in the saddest weather, and it reflected the somber mood of the ceremony.6.29a3

All of the extra money given for the ceremony will be donated in Sion’s memory to charity. The midwives made one final plea to the community, begging the mother -whomever she was – to come forward and be present her son’s funeral, but the call went unanswered. 6.29a4They mourned for her loss, and the loss of the small baby.

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