Strangers Confronts Her About Her Sweatshirt – It Isn’t Hers.

Casey C. was out buying groceries when a stranger asked her about her sweatshirt. She was wearing a United States Marine Corps pullover, and the man had assumed that it was hers. She corrected him and let him know that it was actually her husband’s shirt.

He wanted to know if her husband was out shopping with her; he wanted to thank him for his service.

Thank you, but unfortunately, he’s deployed right now,” she answered.

Suddenly and without a word, he stepped in front of her in the line. He began taking the groceries out of her cart and putting them on the conveyor belt. When she tried to say something, he cut her off and simply told her that he was paying for her groceries. She tried to stop him, and when he wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, he explained why he was moved to pay for everything.

That place over there almost took me away from my wife and my four kids. Promise you’ll stay true and honest to him while he’s gone and love him like you’ve never loved him before when he gets home.” The stranger said.

She was in shock and promised. She went home and unloaded the purchases, still stunned by the man’s gesture. They didn’t know each other, but they had instantly bonded over something bigger than the both of them.

Casey posted her story in order to inspire others to continue to search for the good in the world instead of focusing on the negative. She couldn’t believe what had happened in that check-out line, but she will always be grateful and plans on following that stranger’s advice for the rest of her life.

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