Stranger Things Actress Finds Something Strange Written On Her Starbucks Cup…And It Isn’t Her Name!

Shannon Purser, the actress behind one of the characters from everybody’s favorite chilling series set in the 1970’s, went out to grab a cup of coffee…but when her order was called, she realized that they had written something on the cup that wasn’t even close to her name.

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It’s no secret that the baristas at Starbucks work very hard to make hundreds of drinks every day, and after a while, the names and faces of their customers probably start to blend together. Sometimes, this leads to hilarious misunderstandings that make or break a customer’s day. For Purser, the mistake came with a little bit of justification.Purser’s Stranger Things character might not have gotten what fans think she deserved, and this coffee shop barista was one of them. When Purser gave them her name, they gave her back a message:

Barb deserved better.”

It wasn’t too big of a spoiler for fans that hadn’t finished Season 1, but she felt the moment was too great not to share!Others instantly found the humor in it!

“Barb deserved better” is a strange way to spell “Shannon!”

That it is. What’s the worst way you’ve had your name spelled at a coffee shop?

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