‘Stranger Things’ Actor Is Making Promises To Fans On Twitter…But They Are Making Him Regret It!

Actors have been able to get more and more involved with their fans thanks to social media, but some fans have really started to get creative when it came to interacting with their favorites. For David Harbour, fans have gone to extreme lengths to include him, and now he is admitting that he severely underestimated those fans that would go the extra mile. 

One fan asked him if he would take her senior photos with her, wondering how many retweets she’d need for him to agree. Spoiler alert: fans made it happen, and it was adorable.

The next fan wanted him to act as Officiant at her wedding, but he’d learned his lesson (he thought) and asked for 125,000 retweets for it to happen. Unfortunately, he underestimated his fans yet again! 24 hours later, they had surpassed his new milestone and ended up making him keep his word!

😜Are you the Winner we Picked a second ago?😜

He was amused at just how far complete strangers would go to help one another!

I’m making it seriously hard next time, internet, this is not over between us…” he wrote on Twitter.

You can be sure that the next time someone proposes something cool, it’ll have a really difficult requirement…and that the internet will probably make it happen anyway!

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