Stranger Shows Up In Town And Approaches The Graves Of Veterans And His Actions Shock Residents

No one has visited the graves of these veterans for decades. After returning from war, they lived and died, leaving no one behind to look after their graves. Moss, mold, dirt, and debris clutter their headstones and obscure their final resting place, much to the dismay of one complete stranger. Eric Dahl wandered into the cemetery one day and noticed that the graves had been left to erode, accumulating filth in a way that he was disrespectful.

When was the last time that anyone walked past these stones?” He wondered.

And he knew that he had to get to work. Unemployed, and having never served in the military himself, he knew that someone needed to not only honor these veterans, but also show living veterans that someone still respected their service.11-3a2So, with “military precision,” as he puts it, he shows up every day to scrub away the moss and dirt and grime that has grown onto the grave, using a stiff-bristled brush and elbow grease.

…I can do 10 or 15 each day; there’s some days when I can do one or two.” He explains, depending on the overgrowth that may be on the stones.

His actions have drawn attention from the community, who are thanking him for his work. He admits that although their gratitude is nice, he isn’t doing it for them.

Other residents in the small town admit that his actions made them feel guilty. While they knew the graves were there, no one thought of cleaning them. They’re glad that someone’s doing it, and are proud of the stranger who decided to spend his free time cleaning the graves.


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