Starbucks Is Joining The Cause By Donating Unsold Food To Charity! Finally!

For years, large chain stores have been dumping their unsold food products into garbage dumpsters. Many of us have witnessed this tragedy first-hand while working at shops and businesses that would toss day-old food without letting it go to people who might need it the most.

However, more and more companies are moving to stop this wasteful practice and start doing good in their communities! No family should ever go to bed hungry when landfills are getting tons of perfectly edible food dumped onto them each and every day.

Starbucks is the most recent chain to join in, and people are ecstatic!

Our hope is by taking this first step, other companies will see the possibility for their participation and together we will make great strides in combating hunger.” – Cliff Burrows, group president, Starbucks U.S. and Americas.


So how will it work? A refrigerated van will follow a route that will pick up leftover food from Starbucks locations and distribute it to food pantries across the cities!

This food is going to make a difference, whether it’s a child not going hungry for the night or a family that’s able to enjoy a protein plate that they would not have otherwise been able to afford at Starbucks.” – Kienan McFadden, a Starbucks store manager.

It is a huge step for Starbucks, but what is really exciting is the fact that many more stores and companies will start to follow their lead! With more people joining in the charity, less people will go hungry at night. And that is a beautiful thing.

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