Starbucks Changed The Design Of Their Cups. People Found A Way To Be Mad About It.

Starbucks. Whether or not people mean the actual cafe, everyone immediately assumes “coffee.” With a shop around every corner, the company tries its best to relate to its customers…and one of the ways they try to do that is by decorating their cups when the weather cools down. “Holiday” designs are usually kept neutral, tactfully letting everyone know that they respect…well, everyone.

On November 1, 2016, they released this new cup design as a gesture of “community.”

A single line connects the figures. A coffee farmer, a family, a barista, friends embracing. A mosaic of more than a hundred people drawn in one continuous stroke is featured on a new Starbucks green cup.” says the coffee giant in an announcement on their website.

The artwork is impressive, and the subtle design gives the cup a modern feel. People are mad.
11-2a18Everyone is represented in the cup, and the community is largely impressed at the results…save a few vocal protesters who missed the point completely.

During a divisive time in our country, Starbucks wanted to create a symbol of unity as a reminder of our shared values, and the need to be good to each other,” Starbucks CEO and Chairman Howard Schultz said.

But some people assumed that the cups were being released for “Christmas,” not realizing that it was a gentle nod towards the election to be held a few days later, and were offended, saying that Starbucks was attacking the holidays. (Similar to the solid ‘red cup’ in 2015.) They’ve started petitions to boycott the store.

But a helpful guy leaked the actual holiday cup for 2016…supposedly.11-2a19

What do you think? Are people overreacting, or do they have a point?


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