Squirrel Saved From Fiery Doom

Squirrels are really cute and cuddly creatures but when they invade your house, it is all another story! In this video, a daring squirrel gets stuck in a household chimney or fireplace, endangering himself to be a furry fire starter! Good thing the homeowner found the animal out before he becomes roast.

In this video, the two gentlemen rescues the squirrel out of the chimney in one entertaining clip. It was not as smooth and easy as planned because the little guy was so clever that he gave them a hard time catching him inside the net! At the end of the day though, he was captured and released outside. For sure, the squirrel was very happy with that. Heaven knows what would have happened if he has been lit up by accident! Great job to the guys who saved the squirrel and also to the owner for detecting the animal and making the effort to help rescue him.

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