Spring Has Spring! These 8 Dudes Found A Crazy Way To Decorate Their Beards…With Flowers!

They skipped right over the “April Showers” and got to work on their flower beards with this crazy Instagram trend. Getting touch with nature has never been easier! All you have to do is 1.) have a beard and 2.) find some flowers. Then, apparently, take a picture and wait for it to go VIRAL on the internet!

Sweet pink roses on a glorious beard just screams “spring time,” doesn’t it?


Why not create matching beard bouquets? I’m sure this smells as pretty as it looks. (How do you water this?!)4.1a14

Sometimes, less is more. It’s everything “dainty” and everything “manly” all rolled into one crazy picture!4.1a15

He got some help putting these daisies in his beard! He’s definitely ready for spring!4.1a16

He’s got his flowers…but he looks a bit confused. Almost as if he tripped, landed in a patch of flowers, and then got up thinking “what happened?” You have flowers in your beard. That’s what happened.4.1a17 This beard bouquet was artfully crafted! That beanie doesn’t quite match, but hey, what really matches with beard-flowers, right?4.1a18

This trend is getting out of hand. Do you think these guys would wear their beards with flowers out in public, or will they limit this bright display to their photographs and profile pictures? 4.1a19

Girls can wear flowers in their hair. It’s only fair that guys can wear flowers in their beards!

Seriously, what will they think of next?

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