Spaghetti Bagels. Yeah, It’s A Thing Now, And This Is Why People LOVE Them!

The spaghetti pie spin-off has hit the streets of Brooklyn in delicious fashion with these spaghetti bagels from Pop Pasta. They come in several flavors: carbonara, bolognese, or zucchini, aglio e olio, and is working on adding more flavors soon. (Best served warm!)

This particular donut-shaped-meal is made using leftover pasta by adding eggs and cheese. The whole thing is then fried into the shape of a donut instead of a pie, which makes it easier to eat and allows for more crispy edges than when it is in pie form.Although it looks a little strange, people report that it’s a nice little midday snack!The only criticism seems to come from people who only see the pictures of these donuts and assume that because they are in donut form, they are supposed to be sweet. Others just can’t get over how the donuts look – finding the fried noodles to look too strange for comfort.

We’d imagine that once you’re standing there, smelling the delicious pasta and holding the warm donut-shaped-comfort-food, it’ll probably be pretty great. It’s easy to see this being a new favorite street food. The convenient shape and lack of excess grease makes it a smart choice for eating on the go.

So far, the stand has sold out of all spaghetti donuts every time they’ve been sold…that’s great for business!

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