Southwest Airlines Did Something That SHOCKED Her Completely On This Flight…It’s PRECIOUS!

With all of the awful news coming out about different airlines, it is so nice to see something that went right!

This couple loved to travel, and when it came time to “pop the question,” he had a crazy idea: proposing on their flight.

He send an email to their favorite airline’s corporate headquarters, Southwest, but didn’t really expect a response. He outlined his plan and wanted to know if they would help. To his surprise, someone replied! The employee, Derek, began working with employees around the country to help make this dream proposal come true.

Saying I was nervous would be an understatement. My palms were soaked with sweat and my stomach was tied in knots. We received our boarding passes and position. Five minutes before we boarded, I snuck away and called her parents for their blessing to marry their daughter. They were ecstatic and couldn’t hold their excitement! I boarded in Group A, while my soon-to-be fiancé boarded in Group B. I used this to my advantage to get on the plane first and introduce myself to the flight crew.” He wrote.

The flight attendants already knew who he was! They explained their plan – a few minutes before beginning their descent to land, the captain would ask them to come up to be thanked as “loyal customers…” but really, he would propose! It worked out beautifully!The crew gave us a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Upon returning to Las Vegas after our amazing trip, we were greeted by a congratulatory sign from the Las Vegas Southwest employees. They also gave us a basket of Southwest goodies, flowers, a signed Southwest crew poster, and more champagne.”The flight attendants were ecstatic to be a part of something so monumental, and this happy couple have an amazing story to tell!

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