Southwest Airlines Dedicates Flight To Saving Stray Animals From Overcrowding After Hurricane

With animal shelters filling up overnight, the city of Houston, Texas found itself with a problem: there were too many animals in need of homes and not enough space to keep them safe. Local shelters began reaching out to anyone and everyone who might be able to help re-home their strays, and incredibly, their calls were answered in a BIG way!

Shelters in San Diego, California agreed to take on the challenge of re-homing 80 animals, but getting them halfway across the country was going to be a huge endeavor. Helen Woodward Animal Center agreed to help out, and Southwest was ready to pitch in!

Over the course of several days, hundreds of animals were flown to various shelters across the country as larger shelters began to reach out to flooded and damaged shelters in Texas. Some had no electricity, some had lost all of their supplies in rising flood waters, and some had been devastated by the storms.

The dedication by volunteers and airline staff quickly went viral as people lined up to adopt the animals that were being flown to safety.

So many people are working together in the wake of hurricane Harvey, and the hundreds of animals being looked after by kind strangers around the country are excited to finally find new homes!

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