“Son Of The Year” Rescues Mom When She Was Just About To Give Up On Her Dreams

Martyn Hett, who lives in Manchester, England, checked in with his mother to see if she was having a good time at the craft fair. She had spent nearly all of her free time learning to knit and creating adorable handmade crafts out of various patterns and holiday themes…but she reported that she hadn’t made a single sale so far.

My mum has set up her own stall at a craft fair and has messaged me to say she hasn’t sold anything yet and my heart is breaking.”

Her display was adorable and she even had an online shop: Imperfect Hearts. Not long after her son’s tweet, she made her very first sale…and Twitter didn’t stop there! More people shared the picture, and even more began to purchase her creations!As her fame grew, her inventory shrunk. Soon, she had to start working constantly to keep up with the demand! People were in love with her work and demanded more.She was so baffled by her sudden fame that she purchased a book that could help her cope with her new fan base on Twitter.
She now spends a lot of her days doing what she loves to make a living and she has her son to thank for getting her foot in the door! People love her quirky creations and her sweet drive to continue doing her favorite thing! And best of all, her shop is almost always out-of-stock!

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