Son Gave Mom His Life Savings When She Discovered That She Had Been Robbed

It was just a normal Sunday morning when Dawn Pritchard woke up…but she was horrified to realize that someone had gotten hold of her personal banking information and drained her accounts of every penny. A few hundred spent here, a few hundred spent there, all in places that she couldn’t possibly have driven to from her home in Maryland.

She immediately called her bank and explained what had happened. While they had agreed to help her through it all, she would have to survive until everything could be returned and sorted out. Her son had been listening, and when the 6-year-old boy realized that mom’s money had been stolen, he decided to help in the best way that he knew how. He grabbed an envelope and placed two dollar bills inside. He even labeled it.

to: Mom

from: Warren”

As soon as she opened the envelope, her anger evaporated. She was proud of him for recognizing the needs of someone else and putting their needs ahead of his own. He had even made a “sandwich” for his mother to help her feel better.

The bank assured her that she would receive the refunded money by the end of the week, but she learned something valuable about her son, and the lesson almost made the entire debacle worthwhile.

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