Sometimes, The BEST Comebacks Aren’t Actually Spoken. This Store Owner Found That Out The HARD Way!

Sometimes, someone acts so horribly that there is literally nothing left to say. Maybe they crossed a line so taboo that it shocked everyone in the room. Maybe they said something so awful that no one will ever be able to forgive them. These types of situations happen nearly every day…but the most important thing to remember when these situations happen is that your reaction can sometimes carry more weight than the words that you say.

There is a long line at a small local convenience store due to a very nice but inexperienced cashier. The cashier messes up a purchase for the second time…a few customers start to grumble, but it is very obvious that the girl is new and is still learning how the register works.

The line grows a little too long for the owner’s taste and so he walks up, starting to turn red. I thought he was just going to open up another lane and help get the line down, but instead he marches up to the cashier and starts screaming at her out of nowhere.

“What the hell is wrong with you?! I thought you said you had been a cashier before!”

“I’m sorry, I have, it’s just that this system is-”

“You should have figured it out sooner, you’ve been working here for hours now! It’s no complicated! You are so f***ing worthless!”

At this point, several of us in line have stepped forward to tell this guy to back off, but another customer beat me to it. “How dare you talk to her like that! She is trying her hardest!”

“If you don’t like how I treat my employees, you can leave!”

You know what we did next? It was amazing. Everyone in the line dropped their things on the floor and walked out. I don’t know if the cashier walked out after us, but I really of hope that she did.

I doubt anything they said at that point would have gotten through to that angry man. He sounded like he was dealing with quite a bit more than a slow cashier. Did his water get shut off? Maybe his kid got some really bad grades in school and needed extra tutoring? Who knows, but his anger-management issues are no excuse to treat other people so horribly! I’m glad these people walked out. I would have, too!

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