Something Is Missing From This Children’s Book And It Isn’t Fun!

“What is the use of a book without pictures?” asked Alice in Wonderland, and author B.J. Novak provides the answer in this video where he reads his book, ‘The Book With No Pictures’ to a group of K-2 students at the Charter School in Long Island City, New York. The book delivered big laughs and was undoubtedly a hit. The children burst in laughter and had a delightful time.

This shows how any type of book can work magic for kids, particularly when adults make it fun for them. The Book With No Pictures is certainly a crowd-pleaser but it is a great tool to take to bed with your kids and share a warm and joyous moment before they sleep. Who knew a simple book can be a source of a tremendous amount of mischief and wonder? Give it a read with your little ones and share quality parent-child time today.

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