Someone Stole His Kit-Kat From His Unlocked Car. Kit-Kat Decided To Help Him “Give Back!”

Remember this guy who found an apology scribbled onto a napkin when someone decided the KitKat in his car was too tasty to pass up? Long story short, someone noticed that Hunter Jobbins had not only left his car unlocked…but he had left a poor, defenseless, vulnerable KitKat candy bar sitting in his center console…the horror! They “helped” him and stole it because they were just so “hungry.” While they were sorry, it didn’t stop them from sneaking away with the candy anyway.

He tweeted a picture of the napkin, thinking it was funny…but was shocked when thousands of people agreed and started retweeting, messaging, and commenting about the ordeal!Pretty soon, Jobbins thought his phone was going to explode. The story went so viral, even his parent heard about it.

“I was a little angry at first that someone took my KitKat,” Jobbins said. “Then I read the note and figured it was too funny to be mad about.”

KitKat, owned by Hershey’s, reached out to him. At first, they sent a replacement box to his dorm room…but when people were still talking about the candy, Hershey’s decided to get involved!

They hooked Jobbins up with 6,500 KitKat bars to hand out to the students on campus…
This time, he didn’t care who reached in and took candy from his car! While the KitKat thief hasn’t come forward, it is safe to say that no one is mad anymore…

“I know this is funny, but lock your car next time.” Mom said!

Jobbins is now affectionately known as “The KitKat Guy.”


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