Someone STOLE Her Parking Spot And Tried To Ignore Her. When She Came Back From The Store, This Note Was On Her Car!

You would think that by now, we would have come up with a better way to handle parking lots. Either by building better garages or setting up some kind of system that lets you know when a space is free, we would be waiting a lot less for spots and probably getting into a lot less arguments. The stress of parking in a busy shopping center can be even worse during the holiday times. When a mall or a store has limited spaces spread out over a large area, things like this next story are bound to happen more than once a day…but after reading this simple note, I don’t think I’ll ever look at a parking space the same way again!

Wow! I was just at the store, I was waiting to take a parking space, which this guy in this truck was letting me have. My blinker was on and everything.

I am literally pulling into it when this other car pulls into the aisle from the other side and proceeds to take the spot! I was so pissed, even the guy got out of his car and was like “Unbelieveable!”

So I waited for her to get out and she was trying to avoid eye-contact, so I said out my window “I was waiting for that space!!”

She mumbled a “Sorry” and hurried along. But I could tell she was upset about something; she wasn’t just being rude, she was really distraught. So I wrote her a note telling her everything was gonna work out and that God’s going to take care of it and I gave her a coupon for a free doughnut at Krispy Kreme that I had in the car.

I went to the car, and there were passengers. So I went to the window…I could tell the woman in the passenger seat thought I was going to scream at her or something. She opened the door slightly, and I said “She seemed upset, so i wanted to give her this note and a coupon.”

The woman said, “We just lost a family member, so we’re all a little off.”

I almost cried when she said that, and I’m NOT a crier! She thanked me and I went in the store.

Just be careful when you get angry or pissed off at someone, and consider what they could be going through before you jump to calling them names or cussing them out.

When I came out of the store I found this note:


I’m so sorry,

You are absolutely lovely. The worst of days is made better by people like you.

All the best.”

No one could have known that the people who “stole” the spot were having a hard time unless they stopped to ask. 99.9% of us would have just gotten angry, possibly said a few choice words, or even started an argument right there in the lane. By changing her perspective and giving a stranger the benefit of the doubt, she changed their day during a time when they needed it the most. We can all learn from this story.

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