Someone Noticed That Ariana Grande Was Breaking The Laws Of Physics And One Guy Proved It

While her album titled My Everything dropped in 2014, it’s making a comeback thanks to one man’s shocking realization: this picture couldn’t possibly be real.

The album cover features the artist sitting on a stool in that artsy way that artists do, but he quickly spotted a problem. The angle, her position, and even the picture itself seemed too impossible to re-create.

I’ve done the research,” he writes.

There is no way she is really sitting on that stool, and after conducting the necessary experiments to make sure, he posted the hilarious results:
He tried his best, but no such luck! He deemed it impossible and posted this selfie for his fans to laugh at.

Of course, they quickly jumped in to try it themselves as best they could. The problem, they decided, was a combination of the stool being large and her being small enough to perch on it.

The tweet went viral, and she eventually saw it. Her response to his experiment? She’s not giving anything away!

Be right back. I’m going to go find a stool…

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