Someone Left This Cat On A Doorstep In The Most CRUEL Way Possible!

One Sunday morning, they heard something coming from their front porch. At first, they didn’t think too much of it…but when they opened the door to check it out, they were appalled to discover that a little tabby kitten had been abandoned in front of their door. But the previous owners hadn’t bothered to care about the well fare of the cat…

They had abandoned the tiny kitten locked inside of a box with a heavy rock on top. No fresh air. No water. They clearly expected the cat to be “someone else’s problem.”

They knew exactly what they were doing, too, as they left the kitten on the doorstep of a couple who is well-known in the neighborhood for caring about the stray cats. Whomever abandoned the cat knew them, but instead of simply handing the cat over, left it to be discovered.
They took the kitten to the vet as soon as they could and were pleased to learn that the cat was in good condition! Aside from being ravenously hungry and very thirsty, the kitten was comfortable being around humans and instantly warmed up to the other animals already in their home.

They considered taking him to the shelter, but he was such a good fit for their little family that they didn’t mind the extra company!

They just hope that by sharing their story, others will be encouraged to surrender their animals to shelters instead of leaving their fates up to chance, as this one had been.

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