Someone Invented Something CRAZY, And All I Can Think Is…”WHY Did It Take Them So Long?!”

So let’s pretend for one second that you are hungry. You’re in a snacking kind of mood but you don’t feel like cooking a huge meal. Maybe you took out a slice of bread and went to put a slice of cheese on it…and it looked like this?! Terrifying! Right?


WRONG! That is something revolutionary: sliced chocolate. Yes, you read that right. Reminiscent to the processed cheese slices that kids love so much, these chocolate slices are going VIRAL, and we can see why. It also has a lot of people extremely perplexed…how does it even work?

Is it safe to eat? What…why?! There are so many questions, and after the product blew up on social media, we are finally getting the answers.12.16g2

It’s actually “nama” chocolate because it allows the chocolate to take on a sliced form. It has a more intense flavor that milk chocolate and is similar to “P√•l√¶gschokolade,” which can be light or dark chocolate and commonly used as a topping in Denmark. The difference between this sliced chocolate and it’s Danish cousin is that sliced chocolate is infinitely softer and more malleable.

This chocolate is similar to regular chocolate and has a sixth month shelf life. The only real difference (aside from the fact that you can roll it up easily) is that it costs roughly $0.50 per slice. Still, the demand is so high that the company cannot keep it in stock!


The company is in Japan, and while they do have international shipping, they just weren’t ready for this explosion of interest. They have marketed this chocolate so well that it even transcended language barriers. How cool is that?


What do you think about this sliced chocolate? Are you excited for this new and clever spin on classic chocolate, or do you think that science has gone too far? As one comment on social media so eloquently states, “The world continues to conspire to sabotage my urges to diet!” Yes, random social media user. I agree with you 100%. Goodbye diet, hello chocolate slices!

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