Someone Invented A “Head Hammock.” You Can Finally Sleep Comfortably In A Car!

Even tried to sleep on a long car ride? …Or take a nap on an airplane, or sleep on a train ride, or grab a quick snooze at the office? Sometimes, it just isn’t practical to lay down on the ground and sleep, and when we try, we end up with a “crick” in the neck or a stiff muscle. Wadding up a sweatshirt doesn’t make the best pillow bunched up next to the window, and neck pillows don’t hold our head in place very well.

One group of entrepreneurs decided to do something about it and started experimenting. After trying many different styles and methods and materials, they finally landed on this:
8.19a15They call it the “NodPod,” and although its got a silly name, it has an incredible function. Just look at how comfortable that model is!

It fits over any seat and is small enough to be portable. The material is breathable and sweat-resistant (aka great for droolers!) and it keeps your head at a 90-degree angle, simulating how you would normally sleep while laying down.
8.19a16People are excited about this, and many of us who travel a lot can’t wait for these to be sold in airports and train stations around the world. Seriously, look at it!

Would you use one of these “NodPods,” or will you stick with the good ‘ole jacket-stuffed-into-a-corner trick?


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