Someone Finally Figured Out Why The KFC Twitter Only Follows 11 Random People

After people realized what had been lurking in front of them all along, they’re calling for the company’s Twitter manager to get a raise.

The chicken from the fast food restaurant is known for being extra delicious thanks to a “secret recipe,” and it turns out that the company isn’t done being sneaky about it.

Usually, big companies will follow several thousand people…but KFC was only following 11 people. That was suspicious to a user by the name of Edge, and they posted their findings to stun everyone else on an unassuming Thursday afternoon.Can you figure out why these are the only people being followed?Those 11 people represent the “11 herbs and spices” used in the Secret Recipe.

5 Spice Girls. 6 Men named Herb.

The joke was too good to pass up…and other companies realized that KFC wasn’t following them back! Wendy’s was upset in particular, but still thought it was funny.

The clever secret has finally been uncovered, and KFC’s social media manager is probably very happy right now. It makes us wonder who else was in on it! Also, some chicken sounds pretty good right now.

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