Someone Bought A Sandwich From A Local Bakery…And It Made This Woman REALLY Angry!

From the corner displayed through the cling wrap, this looks like a hearty sandwich half that would get anyone through their afternoon munchies. 9 slices of ham, two slices of cheese, and a half of a tomato on white bread (half, anyway) seems to be an excellent choice for a hungry consumer, and so a guy named Paul Gibbs easily paid a few bucks to eat it…

But once he got into his car, he unwrapped the sandwich and something looked…off. When he realized why, he snapped this photograph and just HAD to share it with the world!9-15a8It wasn’t a “half tomato,” no, it was the edges of a tomato. It wasn’t two slices of cheese, it was a single slice ripped a little bit. It wasn’t 9 layers of meat – it was one slice chopped up and specifically arranged to fool the consumer! Thankfully, the bread was real…but even then, who knows at this point.9-15a9One woman saw the photograph and was outraged. The bakeries in her area of New Zealand are known for doing this sort of thing frequently, but she had never seen one quite this blatantly offensive. Trying to cut corners is one thing, but tricking people this badly should make people ashamed. She posted it online as well, and the picture of the outrageous lunch item spread even further.

The “scamwich,” as so nicknamed by a clever commenter, was purchased from Bob’s Lunchbar…and while the owner may have been trying to save a few bucks, the viral photo has definitely changed that. Thousands of people now see this picture when they google the eatery, and hundreds more have vowed never to stop there for lunch! Yikes.

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