Some People Think There Was A TIME TRAVELER At This Mike Tyson Fight In The 90’s. Here’s Their PROOF!

At this fight between Mike Tyson and Peter McNeeley in 1995, people noticed something strange in the footage. Could it have been a time traveler? For someone to take a recording device from the future and bring it back specifically to film (vertically, of all things) this memorable event seemed unlikely…but no one could come up with a decent explanation, and many still believe that it was in fact a person who had traveled back in time!This is the picture that has people convinced that time travelers walk among us:As the camera pans across the crowd, a startling white piece of electronics stands out. A man is holding what appears to be an iPhone to film the event. He isn’t using both hands, and he is filming vertically which made many people convinced that this was an iPhone.

Unfortunately, people seem to have forgotten that hand-held cameras did exist in the 90’s, and while they were chunky and expensive, they did look eerily like the current iPhone models that people are using today.

So, maybe it wasn’t a time traveler. Besides, why would a person with the power to travel through time waste it to witness a fight? Why not change the past in some way instead of film vertically? Exactly.

Still, it was fun to wonder for even a few seconds.

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