Some Of Your Favorite Super Heroes Had A Very Different Look 30+ Years Ago! See Then And Now!

Before the creation of computer-generated imagery (CGI), directors and costume designers had to get creative with what was available at the time. They used clever lighting, make-up, latex masks, and the limited special effects that they could use by splicing physical strips of film. At the time, the movies were incredible and ground-breaking…but fast forward a few decades, and they seem almost comical.

Iron Man (977 and 2008) got a face-lift! He went from being an orange trashcan to a really awesome CGI robot. Gorgeous. They even reflected the background in his shoulder. Attention to detail! Spider-Man (1977 and 2016) has the same concept going on, but his outfit fits a lot better now.Superman (1948 and 2016) looks a lot cooler…but that might just be this incredible PhotoShop job!
Thor (1978 and 2013) has been working out. No need to PhotoShop those biceps!Fantastic Four (1994 and 2015) look less like a bad nineties pop group and more like the heroes they were meant to be.
Wonder Woman (1975 and 2016) has a realistic suit of armor (kind of) and looks a lot less like a mascot.
Captain America (1990 and 2016) still retains a lot of his original designs, he just got an outfit that fits! Also, take a look at that awesome editing.
Hulk (1978 and 2012) is no longer just a guy painted green and shot from a lower angle! He’s a literal beast with the help of the computer!

We think that today’s movies are spectacular, generally. I’d like to see another comparison of these same characters in the next 30 years! Will we look back and laugh, or is there much farther to go from here? I can’t wait!

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