Socks Recalled After Hidden Message Is Revealed

Holiday themed Cougars socks were sold for $18 a pair, mostly as gifts for the holidays…but the store is now issuing full refunds after fans discovered a disturbing message once the socks were turned down.

Washington State University Cougar fans were understandably confused when they began opening and wearing their socks…only to see the slogan “GO DAWGS” for the University of Washington instead. Shouldn’t it say something about the Cougars?! 

The Seattle company responsible for the collegiate blunder claims this was a quality-control error as they use templates to create large batches of socks at a time. Someone just forgot to change the template on the inside from the University of Washington to the Washington State University.

It is not, as some have speculated, a dark and sinister plot to secretly represent the alma mater of the company’s founders, who both graduated from UW.


 The company has issued a statement saying that they will send out new pairs of socks or gift cards out to customers who purchased the misleading socks. The drugstore has said that they will accept returned socks in any condition.
A lot of people found it funny, in a shocking kind of way, but it wasn’t what they were expecting to open up on Christmas morning!


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