Sneaky Teen Dressed Up Like His MOM To Purchase Alcohol While Underage…And POSTED It On Facebook!

The plan was simple: dress up convincingly as his mom and fool the checkout worker at the liquor store. In Glasgow, the legal drinking age is 18. At that age, teens can purchase liquor, drink at a pub, and enjoy a nice beer after a long day of schooling, but not before they turn 18!

One teen thought that he could beat the system and came up with a “brilliant” plan. He stole his mom’s government ID and dressed up in one of her dresses. He grabbed her coat and tied a large scarf around his neck to hide his adam’s apple. He tossed on a knit cap and threw on some large shades to complete the scam. 9-21a5Surprisingly, it worked. He walked out of the liquor store with alcohol and was excited to have “pulled a fast one” on the checkout staff. The kids didn’t want to ruin his disguise, so they didn’t post a before picture…however, they didn’t think their plan all the way through before posting the actual ID that he stole from his mother without covering her real name.

Many people want to know which shop owners would sell liquor to an underage kid, but even more are waiting for the aftermath when Mrs. Joan Elliott realizes what her son has done after reading about it on the internet.

What would YOU do if you found out that your kid pulled something like this?


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