Sneaky Kids Try To Bribe Their School Into Giving Them A Snow Day…Hilariously, It Didn’t Work!

When Dr. Aaron Cornman stepped outside one freezing Thursday morning, he wasn’t expecting to find a bribe on his front step. The kids that attend Hillsboro Junior High really wanted a snow day and thought that if their Superintendent was sufficiently satisfied with delicious peanut butter and chocolate treats! He had told the students that these candies were his favorites…but unfortunately, the bribes weren’t enough!

You know what to do” was written ominously on a little note card.

When the students had tried this same tactic the year before, they had used Hershey bars, to which he’d announced that he wasn’t a fan and wouldn’t be calling for a snow day. When they’d asked him what his favorite candy was, they’d remembered a year later…but it still wasn’t enough!

It wasn’t the first time that students had tried to sway the balance in their favor when it came to official snow days, and Dr. Cornman knows that it probably won’t be the last.

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He’s not sure what they’ll try in the coming weeks, but the fact that the students tried at all was pretty funny!

Hey, free candy!

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