Snap “Proof” That Santa Is Real…By Catching Him In Your Home On Christmas Eve!

Young kids get excited at the mention of Santa Claus – and who wouldn’t? A magical, jolly old man who mysteriously drops presents under your Christmas tree while you sleep? It’s a dream come true, for a kid!

Capturing “proof” that Santa exists used to be easy. You would excitedly bake some fresh cookies and leave them on a festive tray next to a glass of milk…and the cookies would be gone the next morning, along with the milk! That was all the proof that we needed…

But now, we have the power to make our proof even more believable with some really cool technology.

An app, called iCaughtSanta Lite, will overlay an image of Santa right on top of a photo of your living room. It isn’t uncle Jim dressed in a red robe, or dad wearing a fake white beard…it’s an actual Santa!¬†11-30a12

Fat and jolly, he drinks his milk, rustles through his gift sack, and is shocked to get caught! Other poses can be purchased through the app, but having proof of Santa might be fun!

When did you stop believing in Santa? The magic of the holidays is celebrated in a lot of different ways, and this one is really cute! Watch out, Santa is making his lists (and checking them twice).


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