Smartest Dog Ever Takes Himself To The Vet After Injuring His Own Eye

A veterinarian in Thailand was shocked when instead of trying to run away, a golden retriever was trying to get in! He was seen pawing at the door for attention, and when the staff let him in, they realized that he was injured!

His eyelid had been severely injured and required stitches, medication, and pain relief. The dog was so well behaved that the staff knew he must be someone’s loyal pet. Pawing at doors to be let out, sitting, staying, and obeying commands, they instantly fell in love with their newest patient.

They took his pictures and posted a message on Facebook, hoping that the owners would see his happy face and come to pick him up.After his post was shared, they waited.

They received many offers of adoption, but they knew that a dog this kind wouldn’t be missing for long! Eventually, his owners arrived…

…and she was so relieved! Her precious dog had gotten into trouble, but even when he was in a lot of pain, he knew to go to a doctor for help!

This story had a happy ending, and the cutest pup got all fixed up! He is expected to make a full recovery.

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