Six Times People Were Too Lazy To Decorate For Christmas…But Accidentally WON!

Sometimes, less is more.

Thousands of dollars are spent on holiday decorations every year. From Christmas trees to festive lights, millions of homes budget for the extra charges on their electric bill when they light their homes with fairy lights on the inside and on the outside…but for some people, they just couldn’t care less. Being festive might sound nice, but the effort that goes into a dazzling display is just too much for many.

One brilliant way to decorate without decorating is to just hop on the coattails of someone else’s hard work!If it’s too hot, a holiday fan might make more sense than a tree!
Oops! Forgot to take down your Halloween decorations? Add a Santa hat! Ta-daa! Now, it’s festive. Their home is full of holiday “spirit.” And the Grinch stole the decorations! Oh, no…that’s hilarious!Not enough time to set up the office tree? This box will do.

It was on sale.”

No matter how you choose to decorate (or not decorate) your home for the holidays, you probably won’t be able to do much worse than this! Work smarter, not harder! The meaning is clear – even if the decorations leave people laughing!

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