Six Police Carry Laboring Mother Through Snow To Hospital Miles Away

When severe snowstorms blocked the roadways between these two remote towns, a woman in labor suddenly found herself unable to get transported to the hospital six miles away. At 5:30 p.m. in the small village of Bhont in Northern India, 23-year-old Kamini went into labor. The snowstorm had hit both towns, knocking out power, shutting down roads, and cutting out the phone lines. She had nowhere to turn and began preparing herself for the worst. While Kamini prepared to give birth at home without medical assistance, her family members went out into the village in search of a solution…and that is when one of her family members found a group of six policemen who were in a nearby church. They began working together to create a chair to carry her. She was bundled up as much as possible, and the group made the six-mile trek through the snow.

It took over three hours to make it to the hospital, and Kamini gave birth to a healthy baby girl thanks to their efforts!People around the world heard about the story and praised the policemen for their dedication. Traveling for three and a half hours through difficult snowdrifts while carrying a laboring woman? Now that is just incredible!

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