Six Flags Told Her To Leave Because Of Her “Inappropriate Shirt.” Her Male Friend Wore It And Got In.

When you’re off to visit a theme park, you don’t give much thought to the clothing you’re going to wear. It’ll be hot, you’ll get sweaty, and probably splashed with water throughout the day. No one dresses to impress, and more often than not, people wear loose and breezy clothing to stay comfortable during the 8+ hours of their visit.

Bina Ramesh was wearing this shirt when a male security guard at the Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, N.J. stopped her and told her to leave the park. Her shirt was “inappropriate and see-through,” according to the man. He told her that she could purchase a shirt from their souvenir shop, but she refused to spend money just because “the security guard can’t keep his eyes from my cleavage.”8.2a15

Yes, that gray, worn out V-neck was apparently just too provocative for the park’s standards. Not wanting to waste their time, money, and ruin their trip, they left the park…and switched shirts in the parking lot. They then walked right back in with no problems, second-glances, or questions.8.2a16

She posted the story on social media where it was shared like wildfire. People chimed in to say that they’ve seen women walking around at that same park in shorts and bikini tops – showing skin at that park was nothing new. Bina was eventually contacted by the park’s supervisor and shared the apology.

We are extremely sorry for the experience you had while at the park. Our goal is for all of our guests to have a fun visit and we understand this was not the case for you.Our team members are trained, and then asked to use their judgement in carrying out our policies. These particular officers did not use good judgement and there is no reason you should have been denied entry.”

Her main goal? To stop this type of nonsense from happening to other women who just want to enjoy a day at the park. What do you think?

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