Siri Called An Ambulance And Saved A Baby’s Life! Do You Use This Function On Apple Phones?

A grateful mother in Australia wants her story to help other parents. She used Siri, the built-in application on Apple iPhones to call an ambulance when her baby girl stopped breathing.

Stacey Gleeson ran into her daughter’s room and dropped the phone when she frantically turned on the light. She didn’t have time to search for the phone and immediately began to give her child CPR to try and save the girl’s life. She hadn’t used the application more than a few times, but prayed that it would work as she shouted towards the device. She instructed Siri to get emergency services on speakerphone.

Incredibly, it worked. Soon, Stacey was talking to an emergency responder while she tried to get her daughter breathing again.

The girl had been fighting a chest infection and bronchiolitis and stopped breathing. Stacey did her best, and the baby started breathing again before the ambulance arrived. Doctors confirmed that there would be no lasting damage from the incident, but that if she had wasted the time to try and dial the phone manually, it may have been a different story. Seconds had counted, in this case.

She contacted Apply to thank them – that Siri saved her daughter’s life. Apple contacted a news outlet and the story went viral. She wants others to take the app more seriously, and that she always leaves it on, no matter what.

Hopefully, she will never have to use it in this way again.

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