Single Mother Writes THIS On Facebook After Her Daughter’s Father ABANDONS Them! Wow.

After Jennifer’s daughter was born, she suddenly found herself as a single mother. Her daughter’s father decided that he did not, after all, want to be a part of their family. When Jennifer’s daughter turned 2, he disappeared altogether, leaving them to try and make it in the world on their own. When she turned 4, he wanted to meet her, but changed his mind then, too. All through his bad decisions, Jennifer stayed strong for her daughter. But when a mutual friend says THIS about him in front of her daughter, she has to share the story on Facebook because she almost doesn’t believe it for herself.


Her daughter’s reply to the news tells you all you need to know about this incredible single mother. Even in the face of heartache and frustration, she was able to teach her daughter the most important lessons we can learn in life. Forgiving those who have wronged us makes our lives easier to live. Finding the good in even the toughest situations is a very difficult thing to learn, but this young girl at only 11 years old had shown her mother that she could be strong, too. Children are amazing, and they really do pay attention to everything we do and say. This story is just incredible.

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