Single Mom Realized A Stranger Was Staring At Her Daughter. The Reason Why Is Precious.

Suzanne Maughan is a single mother of two and knows just how hard it is to make time for everything that matters each day. One Saturday morning, she decided to take her daughter out for breakfast at their local IHOP for a treat! They sat down and ordered, but she immediately felt that someone was staring at them. When she looked up, she noticed an older woman that was seated nearby.

When our food came, I began to cut up Hayley’s pancakes when the lady leaned over and said to her, ‘You must have the best mom in the whole world. Never forget how amazing she is.’ She then told me she had a daughter who is now 49 and lives all the way in Baltimore.”

They exchanged names and continued to have small conversations throughout their meals…but mostly, Mary seemed content to have witnessed their mother-daughter relationship and couldn’t keep the smile off of her face.

When we went up front to pay for our food, Mary had already left but waiting for us was the news she had paid for our food and left us a sweet note on the receipt. ‘Thank you for sharing your mother day and daughter day with me. Mary.’ “

Mary couldn’t have known how stressful Suzanne’s week had been. She couldn’t have imagined the anxieties and difficulties that this single mother of two puts up with daily.

She doesn’t know…how much I pray to not feel so lonely. But God knows. And today, Mary listened to that prompting and was able to be our angel, to remind us how loved we are. So thank you, Mary. You have made such a difference in my life with your kindness.”

A little kindness cost them nothing, and it made Mary’s day to do something nice for the mother and daughter who reminded her of happier times.

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