Single Guy Recreates His Twin Sister’s Pictures…With His CAT! And They Are The BEST!

Gordy and Meredith have always been close – even in the womb! The problem is that after childhood, they grew up and moved to different parts of the country. Gordy has a blog and travels a lot. He’s living the single life and as a result, doesn’t get to see his sister as often as they would both like. She is a mom who has two kids, and their lives are just so different that it keeps them apart.

One thing Gordy always hated was the fact that Meredith got him a birthday present every year, without fail. She would either mail it to him or keep it until they saw each other. Every year, Gordy…wouldn’t. “Generally, I don’t get someone a birthday present if they live far away, so I usually don’t get her ANYTHING…” But this year, he decided to change all of that.

In honor of Meredith’s 28th birthday, he picked out several of her pictures on social media and decided to recreate them…with his cat! These are gold.


He didn’t stick to a specific time frame! He went as far back as her first child to recreate this one. Hey, he tried his best! That cat looks like it has had better times, though…


Look, he even dressed the same! He skipped the man bun, but I think we can forgive him. Also, I think that cat saw a bird.


This is sweet! He looks like he thought about kissing his cat, but thought better of it as soon as he realized he might get scratched to pieces.


He got matching glasses! Purrrfect!


This cat has had ENOUGH!!


Aww, this is precious! I guess he didn’t have a striped sweater, but of COURSE he has a crown! Kitty looks fabulous, I must say.


And so ended his journey, giving his sister a birthday present that she (and, you know, the ENTIRE internet) will never forget! Also, I’ve just been informed that kitty’s name is Sophie. What a good sport! I think if I had tried these poses with a cat, I would have several claw marks to prove it…

This inspires me to go out and recreate some photos! I bet the kids would love it, too! Precious!

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