Single Frame Of Calvin And Hobbes Comic Strip Survives California Fires Is Too Accurate

After losing everything in the firestorm that destroyed large parts of Northern California and destroying hundreds of thousands of acres of housing, businesses, and land, people are devastated. Their lives and livelihoods were wiped out within hours, and as they pick through the wreckage of their old lives, are still finding glimmers of hope amid the rubble and ash. One family found this symbol of hope left singed in their safe, and another found an actual lemon. And another found this page from a comic strip that seemed too incredible to be true.

When everything seemed too overwhelming, too heartbreaking, and too devastating, the reminder was just what thousands of people needed.
He posted the image on Twitter where it immediately spread across the internet, shared thousands of times and inspiring thousands more. The burned and singed wreckage in the background made the picture that much more amazing. The childhood comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes, resonated with hundreds of people who grew up reading them.

Those three words reminded people that they weren’t alone, and the picture stands as a beautiful analogy to the way people have been helping complete strangers in need.

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