Sick Children Couldn’t Leave The Hospital For Christmas. Photographer Brings The Magic To THEM!

For just one moment, these children aren’t bound to hospital beds or monitors or tubes or whirring machines. Thanks to the vision of the Christmas Wish Project, these children are whisked away to a magical world with Santa Claus, surrounded by the beauty of winter. Karen Alsop is the photographer behind the idea, and she uses her skills with digital art to make the photographs as realistic as possible.

I’ve always felt for the children…who are unable to leave the hospital during this season,” Karen Alsop writes on her website. “I wanted to give them a gift that brings hope and I wanted to free them, at least in a creative sense…from the confines of the hospital ward and the reality of their situation. My main aim was to rekindle their faith of what the future holds for each of them.”

Using green screens and blue screens, she set up a mini studio in an empty room in the hospital, and for some children that were too sick to move even for a few minutes, she came to them.  The entire project took over 15 hours, but it was well worth it. With the help of Santa, she made each picture as wondrous as possible.Hopefully, these children will be able to look back on the pictures in the years ahead and remember the magic instead of the hospital.The memories made with this images will last a lifetime, and the parents of these children are grateful for the opportunity.

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