Shop Owner Creates “Cat Sanctuary” In Front Of His Business To Nurse Sick Cats Back To Health

The owner of a clothing shop in Morocco has a big heart for the homeless, sick cats that wander the streets where he spends most of his time. One day, he decided to do something to help them.

Nour Eddine created a small garden in front of his shop right on the street for the local strays. The cat sanctuary is home to many sick strays, but Eddine spends a lot of time caring for them, having the cats fixed, and feeding them at the same time each evening. Cats from around the area know to show up at the same time if they want a free meal!But his love for cats doesn’t stop at the end of the day. When he arrives home, he is instantly surrounded by the stray cats in his own neighborhood.He brings them food and feeds them at night when he gets home.

There’s always food in the trunk, and I do not enter my house until I finish my duty feeding the cats. These cats don’t have a home, so they depend on me to feed them.” He said about the strays near his home.

He doesn’t go home until he has cleaned the area where the sick cats are kept, and makes sure they are all taken to the local vet for care. People often make donations towards his mini sanctuary, and he loves being able to help the stray kittens grow strong enough to find new homes.

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